Mikhail Kachala


Mikhail Kachala earned a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics at the Department of Molecular and Biological Physics at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 2009. He proceeded with master studies at the same university and achieved a master’s degree in Physics of Living Systems in 2011. Topic of his master thesis was “Study of adsorption process of flu virus M1 protein on bilayer lipid membrane”. During the research for the thesis Mikhail was studying influence of various parameters on the adsorption using experimental techniques such as atomic force microscopy and inner field compensation. In 2011 Mikhail joined EMBL PhD Program at Hamburg Outstation in Dmitry’s Svergun group.



Mikhail Kachala
Project Topic
Development of Novel Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Data Analysis
Project Description
Small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) is a powerful technique forstudying biological macromolecules in solution applicable for bothordered and disordered proteins. Due to fast experimental dataacquisition and almost complete absence of restrictions on the proteinsize it is often used as a complimentary technique for NMRspectroscopy and molecular crystallography. Traditional methods ofSAXS data analysis that are applied for globular proteins are notalways suitable for disordered proteins therefore implementation ofnovel approaches is important. This project includes development ofboth initial data analysis and modeling methods for flexible proteinsas well as application of these techniques for study of specificproteins within IDPbyNMR network.
Project Home
Supervisor Dmitri Svergun
Expected Starting Date 14/09/2011


Complementary Skills Training – Marie Curie Training Network
Self Marketing, Project Management, Benchmarks and Competition in Research
February 2012 - St. Moritz, Switzerland

Intensive Training Course – Marie Curie Training Network
Bioinformatics and Structural biology of IDPs
October 2011 - Budapest, Hungary