Magdalena Korsak



Magdalena Korsak graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Cosmetic Chemistry at Gdańsk University. She continued her studies at the same university where she obtained a title of master in chemistry with specialization – Biological Chemistry. Her thesis work – “Study of spectral and photophysical properties of dipeptides containing derivative of 3-(2-benzoxazol-5-ylo)alanine” – was conducted in Department of Medicinal Chemistry in Chair of Organic Physical Chemistry in Faculty of Chemistry at Gdańsk University and mainly was based on method of absorption, steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy. During her studies she acquire strong background and research experience in cosmetic chemistry with strong medical basics, biological chemistry, the absorption and emission spectroscopy and proteins structure. She has been appointed by GiottoBiotech group within the IDPbyNMR project.



Magdalena Korsak
Project Topic
Improvement methods for IDP expression and purification and NMR characterization
Project Description
The beta amyloid protein is one of the intrinsically disordered proteins, involved in many diseases as Alzheimer’s disesase (AD), Parkinson’s disease and prion disease. Understanding of structural polymorphisms of Aβ amyloids should provide valuable information of the molecular basis of AD onset-progress and in design of new drugs. For understanding the Aβ aggregation pathways a full structural characterization of distinct Aβ assemblies by high resolution studies as NMR experiments will be essential.
Project Home
Supervisor Ivano Bertini
Starting Date 08/02/2012
Bertini I, Gallo G, Korsak M, Luchinat C, Mao J, Ravera E.
Formation kinetics and structural features of Beta-amyloid aggregates by sedimented solute NMR.
Chembiochem. 2013 Sep 23;14(14):1891-7


Intensive Training Course (CS)  - Marie Curie Training Network
"Entrepreneurship and NMR"
Zurich, September, 2013
Intensive training module (ITM) - Marie Curie Training Network
“BrukerBioSpin AG”
September 2013, Fällanden, Switzerland
Intensive training module (ITM) - Marie Curie Training Network
Principles of NMR and NMR parameters used in IDP structure calculation”
Institut de Biologie Stcructurale, Grenoble, France, 29-30 August 2013
Training Module
SAXS analysis of IDPs with a theoretical part about the technique, real measurements of samples and computational tutorials about the ATSAS package
11- 16 March 2013, Hamburg
Complementary Training Skills – Marie Curie Training Network Complementary Skills
October 2012  - Tuscany, Italy
Intensive Training Course – Marie Curie Training Network
“NMR methods for the study of structural order and disorder in proteins”
September 2012, Les Houches, France

12th Chianti/INSTRUCT Workshop on BioNMR
Electron and Nuclear Relaxation for Structural Biology
June 2012 - Montecatini Terme (Pistoia), Italy

Intensive Training Module – Marie Curie Training Network
Protein Structure Analysis using NMR Chemical Shifts
May 2012 - Cambridge, United Kingdom