Educational Resources Available On-Site Relevant for IDPbyNMR

Most of the academic institutions are directly involved in various Doctoral Programs at a national or international level. ESRs can attend intensive series of lectures, offered by doctoral programs at a different site. To this end, the NEM promotes synergy between various existing Doctoral Programs being in a unique position to monitor the CDP of each trainee in the network.


CERM Doctoral training in the framework of the International PhD courses. Click here to check teaching activities scheduled for the 2012
CNRS-IBS Courses and seminars on advanced NMR, as well as on other topics related to the project, are  taught  in the multidisciplinary frame of the institute and the University Joseph-Fourier in Grenoble. Click here to see available courses.

Hamburg Outstation offers advanced training in the frame of the EMBL PhD programme and a system of fellowships, regular practical and lecture courses in structural biology and biophysics:

VIB VIB offers a range of trainings for all (VIB and non-VIB) doctoral and postdoctoral life sciences researchers in Flanders: Click here for more info
UCAM The University of Cambridge has an extremely active PhD program, which benefits from the presence of world-leading scientists and first-class facilities. PhD students are expected to attend courses offered at various Departments. Click here for more info
Bruker Bruker BioSpin NMR offers a comprehensive range of training courses covering topics such as system operation, maintenance, and NMR theory. Click here for more info

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