Sergi Gil


Sergi Gil graduated in Chemistry at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He continued his studies at the same university with a Master in Chemistry Sciences under supervision of Dr. Albert Virgili. His Master Thesis concerns the synthesis, conformational studies and behaviour of molecular tweezers as chiral solvating agents for determination of enantiomeric purity using NMR techniques. After getting his degree, he joined to the Doctorate Program in Chemistry under supervision of Dr. Teodor Parella. His dissertation consists in the development and optimization of NMR pulse sequences, specifically for the measurement of heteronuclear long-range coupling constants. He has been appointed by Bruker within the IDPbyNMR project.



Sergi Gil Caballero
Project Topic
Implementation and spreading of new NMR methodologies
Project Description

13C-detected NMR spectroscopy has facilitated and improved the characterization and elucidation of IDPs as well as their use as a complementary tool for the study of folded proteins. However, inherent properties of IDPs demand the incorporation of new experiments and hardware developments in order to increase the knowledge and the number of unfolded biomolecules under study.

This project is focused in the development of new NMR methods as well as an enhancement in the technology transfer between Bruker BioSpin and research centers with the implementation and spreading of new NMR methodologies for liquid, solid-state and in-cell NMR, in special with experiments based on 13C-detected spectroscopy.
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Rainer Kümmerle

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Gil, Sergio, Tomáš Hošek, Zsofia Solyom, Rainer Kümmerle, Bernhard Brutscher, Roberta Pierattelli, and Isabella C Felli. 
“NMR Spectroscopic Studies of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins at Near-Physiological Conditions.”
Angewandte Chemie 52(45): 11808–12. (2013)

Juan F. Espinosa, Paloma Vidal, Teodor Parella and Sergi Gil
“Measurement of long-range proton-carbon constants from pure in-phase 1D multiplets”
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 49, 502-507 (2011)

Sergi Gil, Juan Félix Espinosa and Teodor Parella
“Accurate measurement of small heteronuclear coupling constants from pure-phase a/b HSQMBC cross-peaks”
Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 213, 145-150 (2011)

Sergi Gil, Juan Félix Espinosa and Teodor Parella
“Selective 1D HCH experiment: a fast NMR tool that connect protons belonging to different spin systems”
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 49, 301-306 (2011)


12th Chianti/INSTRUCT workshop on BioNMR
Poster: ”1H longitudinal relaxation enhancement in 13C-detected NMR experiments on IDPs”
June 2012, Montecatini Terme (Pistoia), Italy 

WW NMR Application Meeting
Presentation: ”13C-detected NMR spectroscopy”
May 2012, Ettlingen, Germany 

Intensive Training Module – Marie Curie Training Network
Protein Structure Analysis using NMR Chemical Shifts
May 2012 - Cambridge, United Kingdom

Complementary Skills Training – Marie Curie Training Network
Self-Marketing, Project Management, Benchmarks and Competition in Research
February 2012 - St. Moritz, Switzerland

35- NMR Benutzertagung
Bruker Users meeting
November 2011 – Ettlingen, Germany

Jornada del grupo especializado de RMN de la RSEQ
Award to the best thesis in NMR: “Design of new methodologies in NMR based on the HSQC pulse sequence”
28th October 2011 – Madrid, Spain 

Intensive Training Course 2011 – Marie Curie Training Network
Bioinformatics and Structural biology of IDPs
October 2011 - Budapest, Hungary.


Scientific Posters:


12th Chianti/INSTRUCT workshop on BioNMR, Montecatini Terme, Italy. 
June 17-22th 2012