IDPbyNMR - High resolution tools to understand the functional role of protein intrinsic disorder

Riva del Sole, Castiglione della Pescaia, Grosseto, Italy
21-26 September 2014


Special thanks to Enrico Priami for the beautiful photographs.

The meeting will focus on progress and perspectives in the field of NMR to study IDPs, stimulated by the activities of IDPbyNMR (

The meeting will take place in a very nice location on the seaside in Tuscany on 21-26 September, 2014.  The site is in the pinewood right next to the seaside and we hope it will provide a relaxing atmosphere and a pleasant environment for stimulating discussions.


Francesca Di Gloria - CERM, University of Florence, Italy
Isabella C. Felli - CERM, University of Florence, Italy
Francesca Morelli - CERM, University of Florence, Italy
Roberta Pierattelli - CERM, University of Florence, Italy

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