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IDP by NMR scheme: improved methodological tools for the characterization of IDPs

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science-1-methodologicaltoo Searching genomes and predicting disorder
Key partner: ENZIM; Contributions by: ProtEra, BIO, UCAM
Science-2-MethodologicalToo Expression and purification
Key partners: ENZIM, ProtEra, BIO; Contributions by: CERM, CNRS-IBS
Science-3-MethodologicalToo Heteronuclear NMR spectroscopy
Key partners: CERM, BrukerAG; Contributions by: CNRS-IBS, ENZIM
Science-4-MethodologicalToo Fast multidimensional NMR
Key partner: CNRS-IBS; Contributions by: CERM, BrukerAG
Science-5-MethodologicalToo NMR hardware and software
Key partner: BrukerAG; Contributions by: CERM, CNRS-IBS
Science-6-MethodologicalToo Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS)
Key partner: EMBL; Contributions by: CNRS-IBS, CERM, UCAM, ENZIM
Science-7-MethodologicalToo Computational approaches
Key partner: UCAM, CNRS-IBS; Contributions: EMBL, CERM, ENZIM
Science-8-MethodologicalToo In-cell studies
Key partner: BIO; Contributions: ProtEra, ENZIM, CERM, CNRS-IBS

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IDP by NMR is a Marie Curie
activity funded under
FP7 people programme